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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Doug Rhodes

I read the funnies to read something funny, or even mildly amusing.I don't have to laugh out loud or even chuckle out loud, but I would like perhaps a smile or half smile. I can certainly read about mines or breast cancer in the in other sections of the newspapers, or on the television news. There are some really sucky, unfunny strips out there, but don't get me started on strips like "Blondie" or "Family Circus" because some dinosaurs will never obtain the extinction they so richly deserve. Thank God "Dick Tracey" has finally been expunged from my beloved comics. Can Funky be far behind? Please God Stop the madness. This strip deserves a much belated death, at least in the Philadelphia Inquirer... this IS the worst "comic" strip in the last 25 years. thank you. Doug Rhodes

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