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Thursday, September 29, 2005


carolyn dunn

Hi John,
Thanks for linking this, I hadn't seen it elsewhere. I am stunned at the disingenuous spin about temporary workers. The CBC seems to implying that temporary workers are only hired for special events, maternity leave, backfill and sick leave. We all know it's a load of crap. We all work with many, many people who are doing permanent jobs but have temporary status, most often for years on end. As someone who spent YEARS on contracts (some short, some long, I was fortunate enough to not have a break in service), I am appalled that the CBC is lying to its employees and to the public about temporary workers. Also, they note that permanent employees will not be required to switch to contract. What they fail to mention is that staff employees can be laid off and their seniority/bumping rights would be virtually eliminated. Every needs to read the fine print and if they don't understand the implications of it, have someone who is familiar with contract language interpret it for them.

Thinking of all you in Newfoundland and Labrador.


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