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Wednesday, October 05, 2005



I like your hope for what bloggy immediacy could do for the CBC. I was wondering the other day why there are not news sites for every community over 50,000 people with one or two young reporters providing coverage locally. You may want editorial oversight but that could be at a regional level. It could also be done on a standard CBC template with a backend that is not much different than a blog. It is crazy that a community like Kingston has no full time CBC presence and this would create a fairly cheap entry level mechanism for that.

Would I join your dream of TEAM TOD 2005 to achieve that end? I would think seriously about that.


Thanks for your presence during the lockout. I really appreciated your blog as THE resource, although I am itching for cbc.ca/nl to get back on its feet. That has been a real void.

Like you said, I also think the online response to the situation has really highlighted a lot of possibilities. Hopefully some cool things will happen.

Have a good one.


I'm glad (and not surprised) to see that you're continuing to blog. As someone with a longstanding interest in both public broadcasting and Canada, I've found the lockout blogs fascinating to read over the past several weeks. It's actually given me much better access to CBC-like programming through the podcasts and such than I've had in many years (CBC doesn't have a huge presence here in the suburbs of New York City, at least until Sirius adds the new CBC channels....) I'm sorry to see so many of the blogs closing down; I hope that at least some of the people whose blogs I've grown accustomed to reading have been bitten by the bug and will pop up somewhere else at some point. And I really hope that the experience gained is reflected in the CBC's online presence in the future. I look forward to seeing how.


Thanks a million, John, for this blog and all your insightful writing.

The purpose of my blog was very different (it was very personal), but it was blogs like yours that really kept us all together.

And can I come to the reunion? Any reason to get out of the North!

Cindy in Yellowknife

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