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Friday, October 28, 2005



Hey John, thanks for the plug. Greatly appreciate it.

Thanks to your article, I changed that bold bit on top to say "nearly all".

It's a trickky situation. Our method of sending messages is a text messaging standard, it's just whether or not the cell phone company you use chooses to follow it.

Our auto detect feature does indeed work with all north american cell phones (although we have many european ones in the dropdown box).

The only reason for the "may not work" tag is that our cell phone database is updated every 3 months. It just maps numbers to companies. If you've recently moved your number from say sprint to verizon, it may take up to 3 months for it to work with your phone.

Other than that, we've had no problems. If you do find it doesn't work with your phone, email me at textmemos@textmemos.com and I can find out why not.

As for your privacy concerns, we don't save any phone numbers or messages after we send them. We DO store a count of messages sent, and a count of messages sent to each provider (example 15 to sprint, 20 to nextel, etc) But that's it.

Again, thanks for your plug. Glad I could provide a site of service.

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