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Monday, December 12, 2005


Mike Kehoe

Hello John,

It's now been twenty years but I vividly remember this hour of the morning of Dec 12th, 1985.

I was the Marketing Manager with Eastern Ocean Products, of Lewisporte Newfoundland. Eastern Ocean was a producer of smoked fish products.

I had just finished cleaning the thick ice from the windshield of my Chevette in the driveway of my brother in law's house on Elizabeth Drive in Gander and had picked up my passenger and guest at the Holiday Inn. He was an Italian fellow from HJS Fine Foods of Montreal and was going with me to our plant in Lewisporte for some research and developement work on new smoked fish products.

As we stopped at the stop sign entering onto the Trans Canada Highway and were about to turn right onto the Highway I looked for oncoming traffic to my left. We could not help but notice the plume of black smoke arising over the hill further up the road.

"Strange hour of the morning to be out burning off bush" I remarked to my guest in the car. Minutes later as we drove on towards Lewisporte the announcement of the plane crash came over the car radio. We were overcome by silence.

The news evolved throughout the day.

I left Lewisporte later that day and drove back to St. John's. As I drove along the Trans Canada Highway past the area where the crash had occurred, there were Canadian soldiers stationed hundreds of feet apart along the roadway. Silent security and a silent tribute to the tragedy of what had happened the day.

This is the first time I have shared my thoughts of what happened on that day. I think about it each year at this time.

Best wishes,


Liam O'Brien

Today is the 104th anniversary of the first DOT DOT DOT to come over the Atlantic!

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