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Sunday, January 22, 2006



Talking Heads were awfully important to me too. Fear of Music was the first "punk" album I bought, and it's fair to say it changed my life.

Byrne lists 20 CDs that have copy protection on them. But I'm curious if these new issues of the Talking Heads catalog are copy protected. He doesn't mention that. I notice that they're "Dual Discs", meaning that they have CD-like audio on one side and DVD-like video on the other (but I think they're a little thicker than the standards allow for, so they're not officially CDs or DVDs, and can't display the logos). The other instance in which discs can't display the logos, of course, is when they're copy protected, because in order to copy protect a CD, you have to break the CD Red Book standard.

The extras on the new Talking Heads reissues look interesting, but if they're copy protected, I may just rip my old vinyl.

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