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Tuesday, October 31, 2006



#67, 46 and 62 has always made my skin go cold.

But #57, the "subliminal seduction" of The Exorcist and Psycho have to be the scariest!

I posted on this list last year. Since then, I've seen 1973's The Wicker Man, and I have to say, it's pretty creepy.

Ian Bailey

Hi John:
A few to choose.
The last scene in Brian De Palma's "Carrie."
The dead woman going to the kitchen in The Sixth Sense.
Many, many scary moments also in John Carpenter's 1987 film, Prince of Darkness.


Not so much scary as disturbed.....Seven.
Scares me that someone actually conceived of that stuff in their head. Yuck.

James Koole

The Jaws scene where the guy is in the boat and Jaws is bashing the crap out of it was one of my least favourites. I also remember seeing Hitchcock's "The Birds." That scared the heck out of me, too.

Doug Murray


I still get creeped out by:
- The Changling (the ball bouncing down the stairs)
- The Exorcist (many scenes)
- Alien (many scenes)
- The Thing (the dog turning into the creature )
- Helter Skelter. Because it was real.

Damian P.

I know it's fashionable to knock M. Night Shamalyan these days, but the birthday party video from 'Signs' is as frightening as anything I've ever seen in a movie.

Also, Kevin Costner attempting a British accent in 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.' *That* was scary.

jonathan crowe

The scene that scares the hell out of me is the one in Jaws. Richard Dreyfuss dives under the abandoned fishing boat , finds a big hole in the hull, finds an enormous tooth, and then comes face to face with the dead fisherman who conveniently falls head first out of the afore mentioned hole. Gets me every time !

Craig Welsh

Yeah, it's #4 for me. Alien did lasting damage to me as a kid.

Liam O'Brien

ah yes, scary stuff.

I agree with and found the following from the big list pretty scary:

#78 Exorcist III - Old Lady Crawling on ceiling
#76 The Shining - "Red Rum"
#75 House on Haunted Hill - Ghosts in the Viewfinder
#64 Poletergeist - "Who moved thise chairs?"
#52 The Ring - girl in the closet
#14 - The Blair Witch Project- "If this tent's a shaking..."
#11 Deliverance- "Squeal like pig"
#10 The Shining- "Room 237"
#5 Poltergeist- "Clown under the bed"
#3 The Shining- "Danny takes a trike ride"

But there are many movies and scenes that were missed, and some on there that just didn't seem particularly scary. Everyone has they own tastes I guess. . .

Perhaps the most disturbing scene from "The Ring," besides the creepy movements and startles caused by the little evil girl, is a scene in which Brian Cox's character is covered with all sorts of electrical equipment in the bathroom where there's water on the floor. He tells of how his daughter can make him see horrible things. He then gets into the bathtub full of water and then purposefully electrocutes himself.

There were also nerve-shredding scenes in "The Grudge." That throat sound and the scenes where the kid or the woman would appear . . .

Besides numerous scary Pennywise the Clown scenes, Stephen King's "It" has a scene where a photo in a photo album blinks. That's scarier than ya think when you're young!

Similarly, I was just young enough during the release of "Child's Play" To find the Chucky that's now so funny more than just a little scary. Especially the part where the mom discovers that the doll is alive!

There are also the "differently scary" movies. Slasher flicks are just cheap startles mostly. Then there's the horrifying sci-fi stuff -- Alien, 28 Days later, and Even Horizon all have some chilling scenes.

Honourable mentions for The Omen, Seven, Amityville, and Rosemary's baby too.

Even in Disney's take on Ray Bradbury's "Something Wicked this way Comes," there's a part where the kids are hiding from the villian and he begins to describe a fate worse than death for those they care about that's pretty creepy. . .

My top vote would have to come from the Exorcist. Besides the unnerving cackles from Mercedes Macambridge, the demonic faces, and the spider walk; there is a very simple scene where Damian walks back into the exorcism room and instead of seeing the possessed girl, he sees his dead mother. Icy. Simple. Scary.

Also would like to note that the two scariest films ever made were probably the Exorcist and the Shining.

PS - One of the weirdest and perhaps even funniest (if creepy) moments in the history of film was was mentioned in the big list --- it was in the Shining: #61 "Furry Freakout". It's just absolutely insane.

Liam O'Brien

Another note re the Excorcist, Grudge, Blair Witch and "It" scenes:

Anything supernatural and ghostly involving kids, clowns etc. . . for some reason is extra creepy. Retro didn't mention it. But you can hear the faint sound of children laughing as the tent is pushed from the outside in the woods deep at night in that "Blair Witch" one . . .

It was enough at the time to have people worried that young people going in the woods would become too scared to move. No joke!


Jesus Christ, Liam.

I'm home alone and you got me freaked right out.

John Mutford

I agree with the birthday scene from Signs.

Though my favourite horror movie is 28 Days Later- the church scene scares the bejesus out of me.

Bill Doskoch

While one can take the first 45 minutes of Twin Peaks prequel Fire Walk With Me and erase them, the final scene is the very essence of horror. It's been more than 14 years since I've seen it and I can still conjure it in my mind.

Actually, the final two episodes of the TV series are worth revisiting.

There's several from Japanese director Takashi Miike: Audition, the 'box' sequence in Three Extremes, One Missed Call and Imprint.

A couple from Europe: Haute Tension and Calvaire.

And two in the horror-comedy vein that played at TIFF this year are Severance and Sheitan.

Another TIFF horror movie that got good reviews is All The Boys Love Mandy Lane.


#49 was the one that got me as a kid - the terror doll!

Liam O'Brien

LOL Sorry Helmut! My sister is a scary movie fan and she has slowly corrupted me. My golly, I only thought after the fact that there is at least a possibility of some poor kid reading this stuff and getting spooked. Then again, I think kids these days are harder to scare than we were . . .


Bill's post on "Fire Walk With Me" reminded me of "Mulholland Drive", another Lynch film with horrible tension.

The scene at the diner where Dan is talking to his shrink is filled with incredible suspense. Dan's been dreaming about something horrible in back of the diner, he says. Dan and the Shrink leave the diner to go and check it out. What follows -- a homeless man with a blackened face -- is startling and horrifying because you've already made up your mind that it will be.

And yes, the birthday party video from "Signs" was brilliant. Shyamalan is master of this technique. No bashing from me.

Fred Harris

It was good to see that Nightmare on Elm Street hit at least #23. As a young man in my early 20's seeing that genre developing, I thought Freddie was dead and the movie was over... but when he came back that very first time in that first Elm Street; we knew we were never safe in our sleep again, THAT was the scariest part of any movie ever.

I know it got cheapened into "just another slasher flick" after the first one but I was freaked out for weeks with that one. Friday the 13th and Halloween were crap compared to the genious of twisting a person in their dream within a dream...

Pleasant Dreams,

Freddie, muhaha...skreeeeeech!


#'s 14, 34 and 46 always creep me out but there are a couple that weren't on the list that simply freak me out every time.

- The scene in Trainspotting when the baby is crawling on the ceiling.

- When The Exorcist was re-released with deleted scenes, one of them was of Regan spiderwalking upside down , CREEEEEEPY!

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