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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Doug Greer

Favourite Monty Python skit - I'm a Lumberjack as sung by the murderous barber.

sue newhook

I have so much to do today and now I'm going to spend a big chunk of time trying to decide between the French Castle, the penguin on top of the television set and the three questions from Holy Grail. Thanks a LOT.


Yer welcome! (Nudge, nudge)

Wanita Bates

I love the one where there are two women and one ( I believe it is John Cleese) is ironing something. Honestly that is what springs to my mind. I wish the rest would spring to my mind. Was he/she ironing a cat?
I also love the Bruces and the Lumberjack Song oh, and Dennis Moore. I think because at the time I was a young teenager and couldn't believe that you could work the words "stupid bitch" into a song. Oh the days!!!!


My favorite skit is not listed........ummm!

The "Ministry of Silly Walks" deserves a top ten


What is the meaning of life?

My 7 year old knows.

Ed Hollett

There are too many favourite sketches and moments to list.

My collection of MPFC television scripts tells me that the first episode, aired in October 1969, was titled "Whither Canada?".

Among the sketches in that first ep were some classics like "The funniest joke in the world." That is one of my all-time favourites. It starts with the narration: "This is Ernest Scribbler...", a cute way of dezscribing a serious writer.


HAAAAA! All of them!

But I tend to quote "The Cheese Shop" frequently:

- I thought to myself, "a little fermented curd will do the trick," so, I curtailed my walpoling activites, sallied forth, and infiltrated your place of purveyance to negotiate the vending of some cheesy comestibles!

- Come again?

- I want to buy some cheese.

The Omnipotent Q

"The Spanish Inquisition" will always be my favorite, followed by "Spam" and "The Lumberjack Sketch"...

Suzanne Carere

I don't know the names of the skits which I guess immediately sets me apart from being a true 'die hard' fan, but I laughed my ass off at the skit where he's teaching the art of camouflage and shooting people behind trees and bushes, and also the one where a man pays to have to have an argument "this isn't an argument - yes it is, no it's not - yes it is...". Perhaps someone could help me out on the names, I've love to find them and watch them again.

Fred Harris

I have been a Python fan for a long, long time.

Not surprised to see many of my favorites already cited but I must put forth a perhaps less known Pythonesque offering called "Yellow Beard". While I love the movies, skits, sketches, live recorded performances, albums and quips, this blend of Monty Python with Bernadette Peters, Cheech & Chong, Peter Cooke and many other talents is a relatively unknown gem. Find on VHS if yer lucky, and e-mail me if you find it on DVD!

Another more popular skit is the one with the four old men sitting on the front porch discussing how hard they had it, "...working 25 hours a day, living in a shoebox (which was better than a corri-dor) licking the road clean and going home to a father who would beat you to within an inch of your life only to have to get up a half an hour before you went to bed to be able to get to work on time... And you try to tell that to kids today, and they don't believe ya!" And then, one of the other guys say, "Luxury!" and goes on to tell his story that tops the previous one! Well, we laugh!!!

Heather Patey

How am I supposed to make decisions like this? Sheesh!

What's scary is how many taglines have wandered into our ordinary speech (at least among the cool people I hang out with. Right.).

First thing to mind is the the vendor in the stands at the Hollywood Bowl:
"Albatross! Albatross! Get your nice fresh albatross!"
"What flavour is it?"
(Outraged) "It's bleeding albatross flavour, that's what it is!"

(probably 'orribly misquoted.)


Sue New put me on to this one. My favourite sketch is The Spanish Inquisition. Nnnnewwbody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!! Lots of Python clips on youtube, including Lego versons of scenes from Holy Grail...

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