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Friday, March 23, 2007



Something we found helped with the compost are the large, three-gallon tubs that ice cream is scooped from at places like Berg's and Moomoo's. During the summer months, they'll give you dozens of those food-grade plastic containers for free. A quick wash and rinse and they're clean. They seal exceptionally well, so can be used in the kitchen until full. The full containers can be stacked until spring and the plastic used is designed to be frozen, so they don't crack when full of gloopy frozen goo. Very handy things. They're also a reasonable size for about a week's worth of coffee grounds, veggie detritus and can hold larger things like corn husks, small dead houseplants and melon rinds.

John Gushue

Good tip, Vicky. I use old milk cartons - cleaned out thoroughly, of course - which have an advantage of being stackable. With the snow melting quickly, I'm getting eager to get all the kitchen scraps into the composters. Cheers.

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