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Thursday, March 08, 2007


Fred Harris

I chose "No" even though I believe Mt Pearl has a good case. If the land already belongs to St. John's, because of their geographical challenge for land, St. John's should keep it.

A bigger problem than 20 acres of urbania is that St. John's got their hooks into a land grab in Conception Bay South between Foxtrap and the Trans Canada. It is totally foolish that St. John's has any hold over land this far away from St. John's and they are now supporting the development of a quarry in our community of CBS. Research and anecdotal evidence indicate that such mining will jeopardize the water table and the environment; they are permitting mining operations in areas already zoned agricultural and residential; and worst of all they are permitting this 20 year mining activity lease to start-up within 2km of the Junior High and High Schools in Foxtrap. The prevailing winds will cover those two schools and our kids in crusher dust and who knows what else.

Then the Dump trucks will own the Foxtrap Access Rd, the kids will learn combat manoevers and dump truck avoidance and we may as well remove all the pavement now, before the trucks wipe it out and create potholes on a provincial road that joins the TCH with CBS and the CBS Bypass.

The first meeting was disorganized and people owned the lands being sought. The second meeting went off as a secret and few people from CBS even knew about it until it was over. And why St. John's holds any control on federal land this far out of town is completly unreasonable. They hold control of land in a district controlled and cared for by CBS and its now competent council who also challenge St. John's rights to this land. It is 20-25 minutes away from St. John's, give it up...

There is some rotten cheese in this deal and it is stinking up the community of CBS,... Not St. John's.


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