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Sunday, February 24, 2008


Mairin Brennan

Snowy days always inspire me to bake bread. My mother used to do this on snowy days too when I was little. Recently she and I were talking about how we do this, and I wondered why we do. She said it went back to her mother in Ireland, who baked bread on snowy or icy days when she knew that the bread and milk truck would not be coming.
It's funny how instinctual it is now for me.
Wishing you spring in Newfoundland soon!

Wanita Bates


On days like this I snuggle under a comforter and I watch TV, lots and lots of TV.....especially British shows, like Spooks, Waterloo Road, Bad Girls, Jekyll, Skins and the list goes on and on and on......

Chris Callahan

Copious amounts of alcohol...just kiddin'...(sort of)..lol

We usually try to make the best of it by watching movies - popcorn in hand - of course. The kids watch their movies but we watch some of the classics. It's the only time we watch movies actually.

And no one can underestimate the comforting effects of a nice Merlot or a single malt scotch on a day like this, especially a Saturday.


i work extra hours if i can. i also use my atv a lot to go beachcomb around the shoreline. sort of have it to myself this time of year.


Beef stew!

gay decker

In general I like winter....even the snow shoveling isn't too bad. I like feeling the fresh air on my face and it always feels so good to come inside again and have something warm to drink.

I also like wintry days since I feel totally justified in lying on my couch and reading. On bright summer days, I always think...I should get out there...it may not last long. It's pressure!

Mary Goss-Prowse

With fuzzy pj's ... coffee ... and mucho mucho complaints! LOL For me there is nothing appealing about being cold and damp ...


Maureen Meaney

Well....I tried to move from Newfoundland from Ottawa to get away from the snow but it followed me! But seriously, I have found there's nothing better than curling up by the fire with a nice glass of wine!


call me outta touch but i actually like winter. more snow da betta!!!


What gets me through?
-Ski pants. I'm practically invincible with them on, and a ski mask or scarf with a toque. Bring..it..on.
-Snow sculpting. If it is frozen water, I want to build it into something fun.
-Snow shoveling. Greatest free exercise with water after swimming. And with fewer risks of injury than skiing carries.

Maggie keiley

lots of board games, movies, scrabulous and red wine;-) and I would love to say books but I can no longer read ( cannot seem to concentrate for any amt of time - the globe is as much as I can read in a day ;-(
I seem to pretty much hibernate from Christmas til May except for the occasional dinner party ( although I did get out this week to both the Burlesque and the Dance Party - these were def Pick me ups.


Fireplace, books, DVDs, board games. My idea of a "winter sport" involves getting up from under the comforter and putting down my book long enough to lay a few Scrabble tiles.


1) Usually, shoveling snow. It's a good exercice after work. However, we got way too much snow this year in Ottawa...

2) Various winter festivals such as the Winterlude.

3) Good excuse to be late in the morning ("my bus was stuck in the snow..."). People are nice when you say you did/ didn't do whatever because of the snow/ snow storm/ blizzard/ freezing rain.

4) Sipping a hot chocolate at Second Cup while reading magazine after a cold walk outside.

Still.... looking for the summer!

Jon Seary

This is my first winter with my Kioti tractor. I haven't found anything that it won't get me through, or pull a friend out of.

Snow days are great days to spend time in the workshop or do a little more on any particular home improvement project. This winter I have installed radiant heat in my floors, setup a looped hot water system, and improved the insulation under my office. My wife has just completed a somewhat tedious paint project.

Opening the various wines from last year's wineshow, especially the dessert wines helps. Other than that, well, I'm surprised no one has said sex yet. It's not _that_ cold, is it?

Samantha Brennan

I hated winter--too cold, too cold--til I discovered outdoor exercise. Running in the snow is lovely but better yet, cross country skiing. Skating is good too. I'm less keen on anything outdoors in winter that involves getting wet or standing still shivering. So a good ski on a sunny day followed by hot chocolate and a roaring fire can't be beat. Canadian winter is too long to grit your teeth and wish for it to end.


Step 1. Fire
Step 2. Blanket
Step 3. Beer
Step 4. Book



What winter? You mean blizzards aren't normal weather?


Laughing at friends back in the UK who are complaining about the cold.


Wishing that it wasn't tax season.


My recipe ... Get about a dozen warm & cozy comforters, and catch up on tv, in particular, BBC Canada; and movies that we've taped and have not watched. So sad watching 'em stockpile. Add a nice glass of red wine and a purring cat. Stir .. and enjoy. Cheers!

Christine French

Count me in for a glass of red wine too. Or anything warm.
Winter is a great time for a dinner party, even something simple and not at all fancy. When it's warm, we like to spend more time outdoors. When it's cold, we're indoors, but it's wonderful to enjoy the company of others.

John Mutford

What gets me through? Having an excuse not to go outside. I've never been a great outdoor enthusiast but I only get away with it in the winter.

And red wine.

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