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Monday, July 28, 2008


Vicky TH

We went on opening night and were serenaded by the sounds (and aromas) of young children vomiting around us. It certainly solidified in my mind that kids under ten shouldn't have been allowed in. I'd even have hesitated for most (if not all) kids under twelve (and I'd even be concerned about the ones who *could* handle it, for rather other reasons).

From my perspective, the implied violence was at a much higher level than PG. A shame that implied psychotic violence doesn't count for as much as actual gore, or that they don't have some way of measuring it.

Ah to live in a world in which all people had common sense before having children......

Frank Carroll

The marketing for some movies is very bizarre. I always think of Wall-E. On its own, the film was a subversive commentary about the environmental consequences of consumerism. The earth has become so degraded that only cockroaches and clean-up robots can inhabit it. Ironically, the Disney marketing machine produced Wall-E plastic cups and other land fillers to promote the film.

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