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Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Anne Tenaglia

I used to be an Apple, but nw I am a PC. Apple products are way overpriced and their OS assumes too much. Much like Vista...I am not a Vista fan either.

Darcy Fitzpatrick

I've been excited about the possibility of this tablet for a long time, but the one question I've yet to see any of the fanboys, bloggers or main stream tech journalists answer in their finest moments of speculation is on the ergonomics of this thing.

Holding an iPhone or iPod Touch in your hand or hands is simple since it's so small. You can both hold it and touch the screen as needed at the same time easily. But a tablet would, you'd think, be too big to both hold and touch beyond the edges of the screen. So would you keep it in your lap, staring down at it the whole time? Uncomfortable.

I try to keep in mind how no one came close to predicting how the iPhone would look or function until the day it was announced and blew everyone away. I guess I'm hoping Apple has it in them again with the tablet, but we'll just have to wait and see.

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