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Wednesday, September 16, 2009



This woman is a disgrace and should be banned from the sport.
Now she states she really does not remember what she said, of course after watching herself say it on live video and audio.

To say something like that then denie it is inaccusable.

It really shows just how much a low class THUG she is.
This amazon of a woman threatend that small asian woman and then denied it when confronted by Judge.

She should get hooked up with kanye west, they make a very good thug couple.

The Tennis association should not just fine her, they shoull ban her and make an example of her for liying to the Judge.

There is simply NO EXCUSE for that and since she thinks she can treat people like that and threaten them as if they are trash, she should be banned for life.

If someone said that to her that was a judge, she would be suing. I hope she is sued for threatning someones life. Then she has the disgusting audasity to lie about what she said.

Sometimes people MUST be held accoutable for their actions, PERIOD. I live in Jupiter Florida accross the street from where she lives. I hope I see her in the Gym, I will tell her to her face she is a disgrace to the sport.



I heard the interview with CNN this AM and was amused myself, she claims that she PROMPTLY apologized, BS, she did no such thing until her Agent stepped in and probably told her we have to do damage control. A monetary fine will do nothing to mitigate this, choices have conseqences, she not only castigated the official but threatened bodily harm, now she doesn't remember saying it. She claims she cares so much for her young fans, then go into some schools and talk to them about the responsibilities of being a role model and how choices have consequences. James, hope you see her in the gym and please convey this to her.

steve roberts

are we supposed to think that when she says she 'was in the moment', those of us who are not athletes cannot possibly comprehend what that might be like? as if it could only happen to special people like her? well, guess what. i've been in the moment too and so have a lot of others, so don't use it like some kind of voodoo spell came over you.

this woman is akin to the king who had no clothes.
all these stories and not remembering the incident
are nothing more than transparent cover ups. she thinks that she has a really great robe on, and her supporters keep telling her how good she looks in it, but everyone knows there is nothing there. give her mom a lot of credit for just saying she shouldn't have lost control of herself.

normally, people will eventually forgive someone for this kind of behavior since she hasn't made a huge habit of doing it, but how can we treat her with any respect when she doesen't want to admit that she just got way out of control and treated the linesperson like dirt.

just another rich athlete who thinks they are better than others because they happened to be gifted with a skill set that happens to work in this fubar world of money rules all.


Very well said Steve, excellent analogies, I know I've lost respect for her, Venus is another story, like her very much, and you're correct, we have all been "in the moment", whether as athletes or at our professions.

adventure trips

I think there must not have such kind of conversational problems with judge and as well as thier decision.Replay clearly were showing it's foot foul and Serena get out of control and did argument with judge which is not good sign for a top seeded player.

KVM Switches

Serena lost there concentration and conversation with judge's decision and up finger up on to judge..it was shameful act.

Modelle firenze

Serena Williams, and conversational problems, great and informative article that states the problems related to her, Thanks.

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