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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Geoff Meeker

Way to go, John. Best of luck with it!


Best of luck John!!

Jeff Power

Have fun.

Maggie Keiley

fantastic ! so excited for you! Maggie


I am looking forward to it! Enjoy the process. Best of luck to you.


Can't wait to hear more ...and eventually to read it of course...


The way you did it (heartfelt blog post, sitting the family and friends down for a talk) it's almost as if you'd decided that from now on you were Joanne, that there were going to be some changes, you understand we might all be confused in our feelings, but that in time you hope we would accept the new you like the former John.


And happy writing!


That's great, John. Can't wait to read it.


Fab news John ... keep the words flowing.
This is an inspiration to the rest of us
with a book idea or two under our belts.
Perhaps when you're finished with that chair & Mac, you can circulate it?:) Cheers!

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