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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


charlie c.

I have tried to put out some credible information on H1N1 in a few blog posts since Sept - having heard some direct testimonials of swine flu experiences from Drs., and reading public and first hand reports of ICU scenarios. I have also noticed the proliferation of a public distrust of "big" industry, in this case "big" drug. It seems to be a blending of years of accumulated reading and hearing about scams/crocks, and news about corruption, and the world wide forum of the internet to read and contribute to anything. In the past two months I have seen a number of links from people which dissuade the public from the vaccine, often because of their distrust of big "drug", and also, the perceived inner knowledge that some other web source has really dug deep and found the missing links to the scam(s). Well, it keeps us asking, what is truth? But, often times, the conspiracy theorists have little in depth research to back up their assertions. And, it is not surprising that there are opportunists who see the scam angle as another way to sell their own products with the assisted help of willing commenters/advertisers as well.


You may need to recheck your basic facts, an osteopath is not a medical doctor?

An osteopath has a license to practice surgery and write prescriptions, requires just as much training as an MD, and he's treated over 20,000 patients at his practice.

Dr. Mercola may be right wing (he endorses Ron Paul) but he is much more qualified to talk about the H1N1 vaccine than you are.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. How do you have more credentials than he does to publish this on the internet?

John Gushue

Rhino3000: As stated, an osteopath is, indeed, not a medical doctor (MD). Osteopathic practice emphasizes health prevention and primary care, as well as surgery, but it is simply wrong to say an osteopath is a medical doctor. In fact, osteopaths use a particular word - allopaths - to describe MDs, and to make the distinction between the two disciplines.

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