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Sunday, November 15, 2009



"the other night"? this happened in 2003..the youtube clip is a recording of a rerun of Conan's old show.

John Gushue

Good catch. A faulty assumption on my part- and I should have looked up the show that Henstridge was promoting. She Spies went off the air in 2004.

Will update the post above.

Geoff Meeker

I agree, it has to be water. And as much as I abhor this contrived "tradition," I couldn't help laughing at Conan.


Saw this for the first time the other night, and blogged about it as well. I questioned her backstory for the Screech In as well.

Besides having confirmation that no one has heard of NFLDers using the screech in on each or for celebration, I was really surprised to see how many of us dislike the tradition to begin with.

It is has never really bothered me to be honest, I usually have a pretty good laugh watching people get done. Of course, there is usually a fair amount of liquor involved...


I'm surprised she considers herself a Newfoundlander where she moved away at a young age. Glad she keeps true to her roots and heritage and since when do you screech someone in off the island? I couldn't see the label to see if the bottle at least was a screech bottle. We screeched in my brother in law as his parents as my nephew was baptized in Newfoundland and he and his folks are from Nova Scotia. Only reason it was done was they were visiting Newfoundland nothing to do with celebrating a baptism.

conan ios

Were he still on The Tonight Show, I’d say all HG101 readers should bombard NBC with emails to get this featured on there.

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