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Sunday, February 07, 2010


Ken Burke

My list would have "Iconic" and "Icon" at the top of it. Everybody seems to get their fifteen minutes of being "iconic" these days, the nadir of which was when I heard that freshly-dead TV pitchman Billy Mays was "Iconic". A sign a word needs to sit out in the hall for a while is when it becomes a lazy shorthand substitute for finding the more appropriate word/phrase.

Mark Christopher

"24/7" and "going forward" drive me around the proverbial bend!!


From my perspective, as part of the anti-cliché piece, those are all words and phrases that should be shot on a go-forward basis.


Energy. "There was a really great energy in the room during that meeting."


Oh oh oh! First, there was the "verbing" of nouns. I blame Shirley Maclaine. ("Channelling", probably "ear candling", too.) Heck, even "verbing" is a case of "verbing". Ha!

Now, there's the infernal "nouning" of verbs. All those home improvement shows with "the reveal", and, more recently, "the prorogue".


Organic... to describe a mood "the fashion show was very organic"

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