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Sunday, July 04, 2010



Hey John. I highly recommend the iTouch. It really is amazing. As long as you have WiFi you won't need a laptop ever again. Plus it is so many other things. Calculator, alarm clock, note pad, email, weather channel, maps, with apps it's even more, I even have a level on mine!! It's a great tool! And you know what else? It plays music too! It has it's own little speaker built right in! Do it, you'll love it! (I'm on it right now!)

John Gushue

Marlene - Thanks for the note; I definitely want to upgrade sooner rather than later. And then there's that iPad thingie ... :)


If you get one, be sure to get the Angry Birds app!


Had one for two years now, it trumps any other iPod model for multimedia and multitasking capabilities. I've always described it as the iPhone "without the phone".

Not to mention i'm always learning new things about the device. It's a piece of technology you won't grow tired of.


That iPad thingy is just a iTouch with a straw up its butt, and costs alot more too!! Don't waste your money!


I upgraded from Itouch to IPhone and love them both but the iPhone rocks. Had a look at the IPad but wasn't sold. My Itouch was passed down to G and he loves it.

And Angry Birds!!! Best dollar I ever spent. I miss it so much I am actually playing it over to increase my stars. Sad!

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