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Monday, July 05, 2010


Darcy Fitzpatrick

Alternatively, people with tattoos could argue that people without tattoos are jealous of their tenacity.

Both camps would on some level be correct, and that level would be the one in which opposing camps tend to seek and impose inferiorities upon each another.

Chris Abraham

I am so proud to have been quoted by you! Of course that's what people with tattoos will say. They have made profoundly silly decisions and need to stick to their guns.

Darcy Fitzpatrick

I'm curious, Chris. What is it about the decision to get a tattoo that you find "profoundly silly?" And how is it that you've managed to conclude that people who choose to get tattooed are "uninteresting?"

Please, feel free to elaborate, this isn't Twitter. No need for cutesy hyperbole here, you've got the space tell us what you really think.

Chris Abraham

Because I don't think most people think it through. There is not only the risk of deadly blood-borne disease such as AIDS, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, tetanus, syphilis, tuberculosis, there is also the all too permanent resultant of getting a tattoo in response to too ephemeral feelings, excitements, and passions. While I believe in absolute personal responsibility, so I also approve in mad-tattooing, I honestly believe that you can be an awesome rock star, an amazing soldier, and even the most loyal biker without marking yourself permanently. In fact, if you ever want to take your Army career further into operations or intelligence, you'll impede your career forever if you mark yourself as as 82nd Airborne paratrooper. What I am saying is that tattooing can really limit your potential. When the world is trying so hard to NOT hire someone for a teacher's position or NOT hire someone for this or that, I also guarantee you that more than more tattoo has directly resulted in a job not offered. No matter what anyone says, I daresay that there is still a lot of hiring or buying decisions that are broken as the direct result of a perception by someone who doesn't know you and your beauty, your soul, your amazing-ness, your transcendent hart, your years at school or on the job -- it can all be dismissed as the direct result of a single patch of ink.

What I think this is all about is that I just turned 40 and, while I don't have any kids, I am going through the same developmental evolution and I am having that "you really shouldn't get a tattoo" conversation with the Twitterverse instead.


I have two tattoos, on on my back and one on my right shoulder. I'll be getting another one on my left shoulder and on my side this summer.

For me, my tattoos are all meaningful. Back is a cross for my dad who died while I was in high school, right shoulder is for my decision to drop everything and move abroad, left shoulder will be for wedding and side will be for one of my sayings I live by.

When I decided to get tattoos I told myself I'd only get them where people who I know and love would see them.

When I'm at work or in a business setting, no one has a clue. Only way they know is if I tell them, or if we ever happened to play sports or some reason they would see me with my shirt off.


Well said, Mr. Abraham.


Tats are fine.... IF they have meaning. I have a few meaningless scribbles, and those are the ones I truly regret. The others, while I may have outgrown them, still have a purpose...if only to remind me of darker times.

Darcy Fitzpatrick

Thanks, Chris, for taking the time to answer my questions, though I'm still not getting much of a sense from you why it is tattoos are silly and the people who get them uninteresting.

Your concern about diseases is as uninformed as the person who decides to get a tattoo in a place where long-standard safety procedures are not openly employed.

Your example of rock stars, bikers and soldiers is cliched.

Your concerns about job futures assumes everyone wants to work in some sort of office environmnt and lacks any real perspective on the scope of the creative industries which celebrate a person's ability to express themselves rather than chastise it.

Ultimately, it seems what you're saying is that ten years from now I can look forward to narrowing my view on life and its meaning.

Seems rather silly and uninteresting to me.

Chris Abraham

Thanks Dave!

Chris Abraham

Why do you need to mark your body to remember your dad? Why do you need reminders for a trip to Europe when you actually did it?

That's why Why can't you just carry these things with you in your heart or on your blog? I guess I blog and write and shoot (photos) as my own way of making something creative that is the manifestation of the way

I feel about my dad, RIP '95, and my move to Berlin, in 2008. I really don't get it. But I guess not everyone is creative, not every had the language or the lens or the boldness or the passion to make something that exists and could/might/should change the/my/your world and make everything different.

I guess that's why I feel that way.

I guess what I did wrong here was go for the humor, for the play, and try to channel Oscar Wilde more than I tried to be generous and kind.

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WOw nice tattoo =) Cool! Congrats!!

Chris Abraham

No, in ten years you'll just have mild-to-severe regret.

Darcy Fitzpatrick

Or a mild-to-severe superiority complex, as the case my be.

Chris Abraham

Well, that's true. Or maybe not, with all those tattoos.


I guess some people are simply forgetful.


Chris is a in interesting idiot period I have 4 tattoos spanning over 20 years don't regret a single one and where ever he thinks people go and get diseases and stuff you checking out the wrong shops !!!

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