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Monday, September 06, 2010


Barry C. Parsons

Interesting John but I have not experienced this on my own blog.

Just wondering how much you analyze your blog traffic. Do you use Google Analytics or a similar program? How much of your blog traffic is not local for instance?
I've been finding my non-local readership to be expanding a lot this year.

BTW that Empire Avenue is quite the new distraction. I must have checked it 6 times yesterday! Any tips for success in the "market"? :)

John Gushue

Hi Barry -
Yes, I run Analytics, but I don't check it often. A stats package comes with Typepad, which I usually look at when I create a new file. I used to use a third a few years ago, but it was crappy and I dropped it.

The majority of my traffic is Canadian. I haven't drilled into any more, but I know from IP analysis that things aren't always what they seem. (On VPN or at work, for instance, I appear to live in Ontario or Quebec.)

Sadia Komal

I have more then 20 blogs and 70% traffic comes from image search

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