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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Dave Lane

I love Monocle. Glad to see another NLer reads (and subscribes to!) it. :)

John Gushue

Monocle is really interesting - a bit full of itself, but it's a great read. I do think, though, they've missed the boat on some things, espy technology and media. They seem to prefer to think that if you're print media, you can't be (or shouldn't be) digital, too.

Dave Lane

I know what you mean - but I think they are being strategic about the social media thing. Their brand is kind of exclusive and "classic."

Interestingly, I first got excited by the iPad after listening to an interview they did with a layout designer on the Weekly just before it came out. He was so animated and enthusiastic about its possibilities that I felt confident that I would love it. (I have yet to test that theory, sadly - waiting for the 2!!).

I think they will hit the iPad, eventually. Give it a year.


Monocle should improve their videos. Almost all their pieces are using only fixed shots. After a while this becomes visually very boring. Monocle cameramen should use some interesting camera moves and interesting angles. Use of small jibs, dollies or steadicams would make wonders to the footage. Also, they should improve interview lightings. The stories are great, now they have to work on the visual side of their pieces.

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