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Sunday, January 16, 2011



those cats shoulda never built those houses up there and further compromised the already unstable soil structure. i tried to tell 'em but they figured they could make afew dollars off the real estate so they pushed ahead.

hope they're willing to pony up the cash to fix their mistake now that's its obvious what's going to happen.

that is a sand bank which extends all through the peninsula. underneath at about 20-30cm is a 'hardpan' layer formed by groundwater fluctuation which brought salts up and down through the top layers of the soil when it was forested.

when they put the road and sewer in up there they cut that right along the top of the slope about 150ft back. all the new houses have added considerable wight to the slab and cut further holes in the hardpan layer. they've been planting grass (to keep the view i guess) but what they really need to do is get outta there and plant the whole area over with trees and fertilize the hell out of it.

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