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Thursday, May 12, 2011


Michelle Butler Hallett

Pain and toughness? A postmodern rebellion against the long and clean white sleeves? (It used to be that cleaner the white sleeves, the more of a chef you were thought to be.) A link to circus/sideshow/theatre? (Says a tattooed lady.)

Jeff Power

Ever been to Atlantica?

While I'm at it, their website reminds me of this Oatmeal comic:


It's not quite as bad as that, but not far off. I find the several second non-skippable intro you have to sit through especially irritating. Oh, and when I turn the sound off at the intro, it turns itself back on when I get to the main site, and I cannot turn it off after that (that may just be due to my specific configuration).


Good, entertaining food, though.

(By the way, for anyone out there who may take umbrage at my use of "website", it's how it's done in the latest OCD.)

Candice Adams

1.) I'm a huge fan, John - follow daily and love the blog

2.) Simply can't watch any Top Chef now that the next challenge is with horsemeat...I'm all for great challenges, but not this...no more. Yes, I am a horse owner and rescuer.

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