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Tuesday, September 20, 2011



Awesome T-shirt!!!!!I would love to have one of these....so cool.

Audrey Freeman

I did survive January and Fogust,but I doubt my mental state will ever be the same...having said that I'm a Newfoundlander and as such don't have a lot to complain about...might as well be the weather.

David Janes

Sign me up! I'd love to get one for me & TA also.


lovely T.shirt Ryan . sure explains your occupation. you are also very good at it.

gen smith

i would like to get one of these t -shirts

Brenda Braine

Hey Ryan
I would love one of your shirts..Wearing it in Peterborough would bring back lots of memories to the folks here.


I would love one of your t shirts. I survived by burying myself in my new hobby of making quilts.

Ellis Coles

I was tough enough to survive but I will never look the same. At the first part of Juneuary, I looked like Brad Pitt! By the end of Fogust, Brad was gone and I was just the Pitts.

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