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Wednesday, October 26, 2011



John, I think Rick did a great job with the rant, but I think it would have been more effective if he had taken the first step he was asking other celebrities to take and talked about his own lifestyle choice.


@ viewpoint2010 : It was a great piece. He did take the first step. His choice was to take a stand. He did that as a human, not a gay-human,or a sub-human, or what have you. He just basically told people to get off their asses and stand up for these kids as role models, because we adults no longer need them, so we need to become them for our children. As a professional, he took himself out of the equation as a good journalist does, and just gave the facts, -in your face, as is his style. He is to me a shining example of a role model if ever there was one, for all Canadians. Who's to say that he won't write a book or speak about this issue in the future on a personal note anyway?

@Elementofpeas ~Twitter.


I should say my reply was NOT @Elementofpeas on Twitter but @Element_of_peas, the former is some band from NC! Oops! I'm the Canuck! :)

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