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Tuesday, January 24, 2012



Don't we all like doing nothing once in a while :) A vacation from everything can do one a world of good.

jRuth Kelly

i like this...it's a great acknowledgement of the fact that we're all part of something bigger, something that ebbs and flows with a rhythm we do well to accept. great post...

Laura Sykes

Thanks John - I have just put this comment on Facebook: I knew Vikram in the 1990s - he wrote A Suitable Boy in a matter of months, but then spent 10 years filling it in (and out). I made a small contribution as I was living in Calcutta and he was in Delhi - he asked me to go to Park Street cemetery to check out Rose Aylmer's grave for physical details - he then went back and wrote a page based on this (plus his imagination of course). That is how he works. He obviously chose 'wool-gathering' for its double meaning, but in fact he works as on a piece of tapestry - putting in away in a cupboard between bouts of petit point detailed embroidery.

Paula Bardell-Hedley

Great article! :-)

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