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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Corey Quilliam

I believe the brewers strike was in '86

John Gushue

It could very well be. The years blend together!

P. Kendall

The infamous Newfoundland Beer Drought was a strike/lock-out that ran from April 1st of 1985 until November. Supplies of our beloved Labatt, Molsons and Carling suds were running out by mid to late May, whereupon the NLC began importing vast quantities of American swill to sell (at outrageously inflated prices)to an ever increasingly thirsty public! Old Mil-runny (along with Lone Star, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Schlitz) seemed to be the most common brands available. It was feared, that once our Beer Strike ended that Nflders would have developed a taste for Yankee Suds and not return to their fave local brews ... but when the drought was over in November of that year, return they did, with the NLC having to sell their left-over American beer at rock-bottom prices just to get rid of it. I remember going to a Strike End celebration party in late Nov. of '85 where everyone hoisted their fave Labatt, Molsons of Carling beer while spraying into the air (and over each other) tins of 'Merican ale ...

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