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Tuesday, May 08, 2012



An editing error? Mmmm... not really, nothing that simple. This was a tracking session, not an editing session. After hearing Howe's explanation, it's evident that what happened was a "punch-in" error. A "punch-in" is not a simple edit of an existing recording, but the insertion of a live performance into a limited (hopefully unused) portion of an existing track that already carries some part of the whole performance. Punching-in involves switching an individual track from "playback' to "record" mode at a certain time during a playback so that new material is added to the mix. Hopefully, the engineer "punches-out" (returns the track to playback mode) before the tape reaches anything on the track that is supposed to be kept.

From his account, Howe punched in early, but the singer took the cue and began to sing early as well, otherwise there would have been nothing going onto the track at that point. Bottom line: It took simultaneous mistakes by two different people to make this happen. Very interesting!

John Hyland

This would help to explain why it was always said that Denny Doherty came in too early. He apparently did, but so, apparently, did Bones Howe.


of course u would know better than the engineer that was there 🙄

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