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Sunday, July 22, 2012


Darcy Fitzpatrick

The thing that always bothers me about anti-bullying campaigns is the way in which "bullies" are all tarred with this one convenient brush that casts them all as faceless, nameless villains. It ignores the fact that these bullies are kids, too, and that there must be some reason why they are acting out against other kids.

No one seems interested in understanding why bullies bully, which might actually be the one way in which bullying could effectively be dealt with.



Leber Pardo

I have read many studies about bullying. I agree to the anti-bullying campaign but I just have a concern, the bullying campaign should not only focus on the students or kids who bullied because there are also students who bully their teachers as well. Any comment to this? Cyber bullying is spreading now, we must do something . We all know that we are now in the technology where everyone can already access and there's a lot of news about Cyber bullying. Let's be aware of this. I will support the cyber bullying campaign.

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