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Monday, December 17, 2012



Me, too. Bookmarked it, I mean.

Henry R. Kujawa

WOW! I love to find originals when I've been listening to a cover version for years on end.

The all-girl rock group THE FRIGGS did this in 1997, with Lexy Plumm (known lately as Amy Arrow) doing the voicals.

It appeared on the various-artists comp, "SEASONS GREETINGS PHILADELPHIA" (Record Cellar RCP-0060).

12 years back I also included it in my own custom-comp, "PROFESSOR H'S CHRISTMAS 2001", which I sent out to a bunch of my friends.

Henry R. Kujawa

HERE we go... "Lexy Plumm" (Amy Arrow, who has her own Facebook page), only appears on the cover of "ROCK CANDY". But it's her on vocals here, from 1997...


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